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Software for Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED slide/film scanner

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I have a large collection (thousands) of 35mm slide images I need to digitize.  I began that process years ago, using a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED slide/film scanner and the Nikon Scan software that went with it.  Various events interrupted that process, and now I need to resume it, not least to make salable some of the remarkable images I was able to capture in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.


In the meantime computers have evolved, but the Nikon software has not.  The last available version is designed for Windows Vista and Nikon states explicitly that it will not run under later versions of Windows.  I know there are tricks to make it run under Windows 7, but AFAIK not under any later Windows versions.  So the question arises, what software can one use instead?


The leading candidates appear to be VueScan and SilverFast - the first affordable, the second decidedly pricey.  One of the main attractions of that Nikon scanner, apart from 4,000 dpi scan resolution, was the ICE software that used an infrared scan to make dust particles disappear, and could make color corrections etc.  VueScan claims to use all those scanner features as well as, or better than, the original Nikon software.  So I think does SilverFast.  They are competing products, though at very different price points.  What I am asking for here is any comments on the use of either or both those products.


I don't want to put anybody on the spot, or violate any forum rules about promoting or criticizing specific products, so if this is a problem, I hope someone will tell me so.  I already know what one can deduce from the advertising materials that appear online.  The scanner itself seems still to be one of the best (I bagged the last one in the B&H store at the time, they now sell for several times what I paid).


So far I have scanned slides one at a time, but I do have the batch loading attachment, and the VueScan software does support it.


Thanks for any enlightenment!

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